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2023 Fiber Projects - Scroll Down to Sign up Now!

Want Fiber but we're not on your road yet? Don't worry! We have two ways we expand our network.

Pre-Commit Project - If we can get enough signed orders for service on a road or neighborhood, we will build fiber into the area at our cost. The number of required homes and the installation cost per home will vary by project, based on estimated construction costs.

Paid Fiber Extension - If we aren't able to get enough orders on your street, or you live on street with very few houses, we can extend our fiber to you at your expense. We do all the construction in house to keep costs as low as possible. Call or email us for a quote. 

Pre-Commit Project Info

Pre-Commit projects let us measure interest in a proposed expansion area and make sure we have committed customers signed up before we invest in starting construction. Here are some important things to understand:

  • If you want fiber on your road, you MUST sign up ahead of time, and encourage your neighbors to sign up as well. It's vital that everyone who is interested actually signs up.

  • No money is due when you sign up. If the project meets the goal, we will send written notice that the project is going forward, and send you an invoice for the installation fees. You also have the option to pay your install fee split up over the first 24 months.  

  • Install Cost: The base install cost is $249. The base install includes the first 125ft of distance from the road. If your house is further back, it's 50 cents per foot past the first 125ft. After you sign up, we will advise you what the extra distance cost will be, if any. 

  • There are two timeframes in the contract. There is a 12-month window in which the project can meet the goal and go on to construction. Once we do install service for you, there is a 24 month term to the service contract. 

  • Signing up is not a guarantee that the project will go forward. If the 12-month window expires without the project meeting the goal, you have no further commitment. You might consider a paid extension instead.

  • Current LakeNet Wireless Internet customers must also sign a pre-commit for a fiber project. The services are separate and you will not be upgraded unless you sign up. 

  • If your location is not in the project list, please email or call us. We may have enough leads in the area to launch a pre-commit project. 

  • We are using an electronic sign-up method. Please click on the Sign Up Now link next to the project you live in. After you fill our the contract, you will need to check your email and click the link to verify your email address. The contract is not complete until the 2-step verification! If you would prefer a paper contract, please call or email us.

2019 Pre-Commit Projects Phase 2 (Summer)

Potential Pre-Commit Projects Shown in Yellow in the map below.

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